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 A musical play based on the true story of Nova Scotia Country legend
Hank Snow’s life-long friendship with hairstylist Marge Fortune of Halifax

By Marge Hemsworth and Charles Salmon


Marge & Hank

(c) Marge Hemsworth Halifax, NS 2017

Marge & Hank

(c) Marge Hemsworth Halifax, NS 2017

About Hank Snow

Most people you talk to in Nova Scotia seem to have a connection with Hank Snow. 

Hank used to joke – “Most people say they either knew me, worked for me, or dated me.  There’s just not that much of me to go around!” 

I’ve always loved music, and so when I was a teenager my friend Ann Marie Tompkins and I decided one day we’d go to Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry radio show. In My Wildest Dreams is about my trip to Nashville and where I got to meet Hank Snow in person. 

Ann Marie and I were play mates, she and her family lived in the Town Clock on Citadel (Hill) in Halifax. 

We were always attending country music concerts and really followed all the news of the stars. 

I put an ad in a country music magazine and ended up writing to close to 50 country fans in other parts of the world. Stamps were two cents back then! One girl, who lives in Iowa and I have been writing since we were 15! 

One of the pen pals even had a fan club for Hank in Ceylon (Sri Lanka today)! Hank was world-famous. 

Ada Hayes had the main fan club in Ohio. I was the Maritime rep., and was interviewed by Don Tremaine on CTV! 

I put an ad for the fan club on the radio, met a family of 10 in Cape Breton, who are still in my life! 

Two of Hank’s musicians – Kayton Roberts, his steel guitar player and Roger Carrall, his bass player – attended the Hank Snow Tribute we held back in the South Shore for the past 28 years. Roger Carrall and I are still in touch. Six years ago when my good friend took me to Nashville, Roger took us out to dinner! 

Hank’s long-time personal secretary, Sheri Blackwood and her husband have become special friends! 

I was also close friends with Hank’s sister and mother-in-law, Leta and Mrs. Aalders (who even threw a bridal shower for me!) 

Now I see Hank’s son Jimmie Rodgers Snow – when he and his lovely wife attend the Hank Snow Tribute in Liverpool in August. 

I’m amazed when people from around the world tell me how special Hank Snow and his music is to them! 

18 years after his passing we’re keeping his memory alive with concerts, DJs still playing his music and now our play being performed in his home province that he loved so much. 

-Marge Hemsworth, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Cast & Creative

Cast & Creative

Marge & Hank

(c) Marge Hemsworth Halifax, NS 2017


(c) Marge Hemsworth Halifax, NS 2017

Rob Brown (Hank Snow) 

An accomplished and seasoned performer, playing acoustic, rhythm and electric guitar, Rob  Brown is well-known to HRM audiences through appearances with his current band Ruckus as a singer and guitarist, as well as with The Rob Brown Trio. 

Fronting the country-rock band Blue River Rose in the ‘90s, during the last 10 years Rob has been a critical part of forming the popular Halifax-based dance bands: 10-2-Midnite,  Ruckus and The River of Rock & Soul.  

Rob Brown’s memorable appearance on Canada's Got Talent (2012) garnered a standing ovation from all three judges and the audience!  Rob continues to move audiences today, with his versatile and memorable vocal style, whether performing classic and new country, oldies, classic rock, or old and new top 40.   

His love of entertaining began when he was singing on stage at just 5 years old, accompanied by his grandfather Roy Rudolph, who together with his wife Fran are in the NS Country Music Hall of Fame. Rob is proud of his deep family music roots in Nova Scotia, going back three generations.  

Kimberley Cody (Marge Fortune) 

Kimberley Cody is very honored to be portraying the vivacious Marge in the production of In My Wildest Dreams. Kimberley completed her theatrical training at Dalhousie University and since then has acted with various theatres companies such as Shakespeare by the Sea, Paradok Theatre and Bedlam Theatre. Previous shows consist of Snow White (The Queen), Hamlet (Gertrude), Titus Andronicus (Tamara Queen of the GothGoths), Alice In Wonderland (March Hare & Caterpillar), Much Ado About NothingThe Merry Wives of Windsor (Mrs. Page), Taming of the Shrew (Lucentio), The Witch of Edmonton (Dog), The Laramie Project, Trelawny of the Wells (Mrs. Telfer).


Kimberley is excited for the opportunity to play once more. She currently works as a senior program manager at STI Technologies where she develops national programs which help provide patients with better access to HealthCare.   

Thanks To: 

My Mom, Dad and fiancé Christopher for their continued support, love and friendship. My Theatres Friends, specifically Kathryn McCormack (aka. Salt of the Earth & Soulmate) 

Rebecca Humphreys (Director) 

Rebecca has been involved in theatre for more years than she cares to divulge!! The summer she graduated from High School she went to Oxford University (yes in England) to study Drama and landed the role of Helena in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, which she can still recite most of the lines today!! 


Rebecca received her BA in Theatre from the University of Saskatchewan and studied Musical Theatre at Grant McEwan College in Edmonton before coming home in 1996 to join the ranks of dedicated volunteers at Theatre Arts Guild. She has racked up over 20 shows both on stage and in the director’s chair since returning. When she is not involved in theatre or working her day job, Rebecca can be found creating fabric bowls and other fibre art for the upcoming Christmas craft show season. She would like to thank her husband Ian for all his support and their dogs Chloe and Luka for never letting her sleep in.    

Playwrights: Marge Hemsworth & Charles Salmon

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Marge & Hank

(c) Marge Hemsworth Halifax, NS 2017

Marge & Hank

(c) Marge Hemsworth Halifax, NS 2017

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Marge Hemsworth (Writer) 

Born and raised in Halifax.  Always loved music and travelling. First flight was to Nashville as a star struck teenager! 


When I was living in the Town Clock with the Tompkins family, Mrs. Tompkins said to me, "You have met so many interesting people, you should write a book!"  Wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that line! 


I used to do readings e.g. handwriting, palms, a little astrology, and it has taken me as far away as New Zealand, with places in Canada, the States and most notably in Hawaii.  I also did phone readings in NY, California and Singapore!  Again, meeting so many interesting people! 


My husband and I raised four children. My two daughters live in the Halifax area, my two sons like in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  WIth so many g'children and g'g'cchildren,  I'm happily busy!  I also keep collecting more friends! 


Charles Salmon, a dear friend, was producing a play about Edgar Cayce. He somehow talked me into acting in it during the Fringe Fest 10 yrs ago.  We've talked about writing a play together. He made it happen, and since people were always asking me how I met Hank Snow. (there is no simple answer) so this play explains the beginning of a life-long friendship, of which I'm very proud! 


Charles has brought together a very talented, professional cast. Hope you'll have a chance to attend the Fox Mountain Festival and the Hank Snow Tribute in August. Here’s hoping you enjoy our show and this year’s Stages Festival.  Thank you all for being an important part of my story!

Charles Salmon (Writer)  

Charles is fortunate to have had his plays produced in Nova Scotia and NYC.   


NS credits include:  Couples Therapy (June 2018), OMG! Trump Won! (June 2017) political satire; produced at ‘Kings Shorts’ Short Play Festival, a juried, international competition at Kings Theatre, held in Annapolis Royal. Previous ‘King’s Shorts’ credits include: Chase the Ace (2016) and The Chair (2012) both of which were awarded first prize by Theatre Nova Scotia. 


NYC off-off Broadway credits include:  Heart’s Delight – Manhattan Repertory Theatre (New Summer Works); So, This is Jimmy’s! – Jimmy’s #43, ESPA/Primary Stages;  Shakespeare – (monologue) Cherry Lane Theatre (mainstage) ESPA/Primary Stages; ant – Manhattan Repertory Theatre (Two Blocks Play Competition); Vogue –  (semi-finalist) Wide Eyed Productions, Drama League, Tribeca; The Mating Game – Jimmy’s #43, ESPA/Primary Stages;   Father v. Son – Abingdon Theatre – (Blank v. Blank Play Competition); Vogue Jimmy’s #43, ESPA/Primary Stages.     


Thanks to Marge for collaborating on this exciting and fun project.  Thanks to Kimberley and Rob for their exceptional talent and for bringing our characters to life. Gratitude and thanks to Rebecca for her directorial flair – it’s great to work with her again!  


Charles’ inspiration comes from the love and support of his wife Shelley.

Performance Information

Performance Dates, Times & Locations

"In My Wildest Dreams" was presented as part of Eastern Front Theatre's 2018 STAGES Theatre Festival at the Neptune Scotiabank Studio Theatre.


There were 4 performances:


May 22 & 23 @ 7:30 pm

May 24 & 25 @ 9 pm


Thanks to everyone who attended our show!

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